Commonwealth Games 2010 and Indian Tourism Industry

Back with a new vigor is the Indian Tourism Industry and this time more so because of the deadly terrorist attacks on the country in the recent past. But times have now moved on and so has our hospitality industry. The country has taken the event hosting of Commonwealth Games 2010 with great enthusiasm. Scheduled from 3rd October to 14th October, this 12 days gala affair will be a matter of pride for everyone in India and from India. This gala event is also extravagant affair of US$17.5 billion that is approximately Rs. 87.5 thousand crores. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Preparations For Commonwealth Games 2010

To boost Indian tourism through Commonwealth Games, Delhi has already made preparations and improved the infrastructure of the city and neighboring states as well. The beautification process of the city is on its peak and transportation system has been upgrade along with renovation of old historical monuments. Government of Delhi and Indian Government are taking every possible steps to pep up tourism in and around Delhi.

The games village which is being built along the Yamuna River at a cost of USD 230.7 million, is a venture of Delhi government to provide world class amenities to the participants, the tourists and the audience. The security of tourist and athletes in not at all an issue as Government has beefed u security measures.

Impact of Commonwealth Games on Indian Tourism Industry

The gala event will prove a boon for the tourism of India as their will be huge influx of tourists coming to India which will stir up Tour and Travel, Hotel, Airlines, Industries. ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) has estimated the influx of tourists may be higher than ten million. The event also has generated many job opportunities. The current growth of Indian Hospitality Industry is 12% which will surely rise to at least 20% and thereby the occupancy rate of it would be 70%. Many new projects have come up and numerous others are in their developmental stage.

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