Consumers Guide to Smartphones

What’s a smartphone? Better yet, what makes it smart? As far as the technology domain is considered, 2013 so far has been all about the neat gadgets. Smartphones are one of the gadgets that have marked the 21st century, it has changed the way we essentially function and perform our daily tasks over the past decade. For both individual and business owner, it offers variety of benefits. These neat gadgets have numerous applications and enable users to access e-mail, browse the internet, and connect securely to corporate networks without wires. It gives a choice to communicate via voice or text along with the ability to access information and services while on the go.

The android phones maintain an up to date copy of your information stored on your PC. It can synchronize your appointments, contacts, calendar and e-mail. Along with all these, smartphones features variety of applications such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, distribution and more. Isn’t all these features amazing? Want to join the race of smartphones? Then get the best android phone from your nearby store. Before you shop for the smartphone, get sound knowledge on its operating system requirements. realme 5

An advanced operating system will allow a huge developer community to build advanced applications and services. Smartphone OS can be compartmentalized into core functionality and auxiliary functionality. Core functionality improves features that are essential to cellular phones whereas auxiliary functionality is some extra functionality bundled with the smartphone such as MP3, document capabilities and more.

Requirement #1: Smartphone OS must support mobile devices. It should be responsive at all times and shouldn’t afford to go through a long boot sequence at power up. It must operate for several hours on a single charge.

Requirement #2: Reliability is a key design factor for smartphone operating systems. It should neither lock up/reboot nor should ever be recalled for firmware updates. It should enable programmers to create robust and reliable applications. The neat gadgets OS should ensure system stability and restrict applications from impacting other processes executing on the mobile device.

Requirement #3: It should not assume a permanent wireless data connection but help applications handle dropped connections gracefully. The operating system should enable applications to switch from one network to another and also provide powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow applications to operate as an advanced client when network connectivity is lost.

Requirement #4: Smartphone operating system must encourage 3rd party application, service and technology development. It should also support open standards such as transfer protocol, simple mail transfer protocol, Bluetooth, wireless application protocol, and more.

Above are only few requirements of a smartphone operating system, it is difficult to explain all in limited words. Although smartphones are expensive, it gives you great experience. Get your neat gadget and explore the world with the click of a button.

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