Could Tourism Save Greece And Its Economy?

Everyone has heard about it on Television or read about it in the papers, on a Blog or news website. Greece is in trouble, I am not too much in to politics but I gathered that a lot of Politicians and Government people robbed the country blind. As always in situations like this its the normal people that suffer, and in this case even other countries. Here is a proposal that could solve this problem and everyone would benefit from it. The Policy applied seems to be cut pensions, salaries, health care and anything else people depend on every day of their life’s. But the Solution should be rather simpler than that. Since the situation affects other countries as well, it is in everyone’s best interest to help Greece back up on its feet. This could be done by directing Tourism in their direction.

Greece has a unmeasurable wealth in History, Archaeology, Culture, Beaches, Scenery, Food and Night Life. Which is in my opinion way under marketed and advertised. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

An International effort to promote Greece and its Islands could drive more tourism, this would be in the interest of travellers as well as Greece and every one affected by Greece’s economy.

Travellers would benefit since Hoteliers have significantly reduced their prices to attract tourism, The rate increase would then have to be controlled to avoid a sudden increase once the Tourism rises.

Greece would benefit since the newly gained Tourism would bring new money to the country and inject the country with a significant amount of Money to help balance the Economy.

The People of Greece would benefit since the new income would stop the Government from cutting Pensions, Health Care and other needs from the population of Greece. This in turn would lower the increased Crime rate again benefiting both people and country.

Other Governments would benefit as they would A) wont need to support Greece with their own economy. B) Increase the Chance of getting their loans back faster thus solving more of their own issues.

So simply by driving traffic to a specific country, weather it is using Television, Media or other means could make the difference. This would be up to the Travel Companies that already invest in Marketing the destinations they are trying to sell for the season, since they already have a budget on which they will invest to gain a profit all they would need to do is red-distribute the countries they are targeting.

A coordinated strategy between Tour Operators and Governments could easily achieve this proposal. Basically a Charity for a Country that we would all benefit from.


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