Medical Tourism: Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment

In the field of medical tourism, ayurveda is one of the most sought after of all the alternative therapies on offer around the world. With different modes of treatments, Ayurvedic healers seek to attain holistic health for the patients. After originating in India thousands of years ago, this mode of treatment traveled to distant lands and created its own set of loyalists. Today, medical tourists from around the globe throng India to reap the benefits of ayurveda that are far too many to be listed in a jiffy.

The word ayurveda consists of two words ‘Ayu’ and ‘Veda’ with ‘ayu’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning science. This science of life can treat not just diseases but can also teach individuals how to lead a happy and perfect life. Ayurveda is based on the principle of ‘tridosha’ which incorporates vata, pitta and kapha. It is believed that an imbalance of these elements can lead to various physical discomforts and diseases, whereas a good balance is possible through maintaining a good lifestyle, and understanding the nutritional values and Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda has the potential to cause great benefits in spiritual, physical and psychological realms of human life. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

It’s a well known fact that ayurveda can cure a large number of diseases through its holistic treatments and approach. Its physical benefits are many and have been constantly increasing with constant experiments and research. Ayurvedic treatments are non-invasive and Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. Factors like these have added to the immense popularity of this alternative mode of treatment amidst hordes of domestic and international patients. The psychological benefits of ayurveda cannot be undermined as well. It was this mode of treatment that concluded for the first time that every disease was a manifestation of a single mental condition. However, it’s the spiritual benefits of ayurveda that have made it so popular amongst the patients from western countries. Yoga and asanas are an integral part of the benefits of ayurveda. The spiritual aspect of this mode of treatment emphasizes on the fact that every individual has storehouse of creative potentiality that need to be realized and raised.

Most importantly, ayurveda is a form of treatment that focuses more on prevention rather than cure. The main objective of an Ayurvedic treatment is to fortify the body’s natural defense mechanism to fight against all diseases. Apart from having negligible side effects, Ayurvedic treatment is also quite cost effective when compared with other conventional modes of treatment like allopathic. A relevant Ayurvedic therapy can be taken along side your conventional treatment after consulting a physician. Above all, ayurveda cures in such a way there are minimal chances of that disease recurring again. Patients suffering from chronic diseases like respiratory troubles, arthritis and obesity have been putting great trust in ayurveda and have reaped huge benefits as well! With the advent of medical tourism, ayurveda has gained even more popularity and acceptance amongst the international patients who now prefer to throng India gain from the immense benefits on offer through such alternative modes of treatments.


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