The Number One Myth About Being Addicted to Marijuana

Have you heard people who use and are addicted to marijuana say “It is Harmless”? Weed is not a harmless drug. The effects this drug cause rank right up there with more hard core and illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine. This is the number on myth about being addicted to this drug. Being addicted to marijuana is far from being harmless. It isn’t only the addictive nature of this drug that causes problems for its users. It is the other negative behaviors that people engage in while using pot that make it such a harmful drug to use. People who smoke weed are more likely to: exhibit delinquent behaviors, abuse other drugs or substances, engage in unsafe or unprotected sex, and display very poor choices of behavior. cbd shop köln

Why are people who smoke pot more likely to exhibit many more delinquent behaviors than people who do not use this drug? The number on reason behind the increase in delinquent behaviors is because weed affects a persons perception, memory, and judgment. A person using pot’s judgment is clouded or impaired which results in many instances of poor choices or judgments which leads to more and more delinquent behaviors. A decreased sense of achievement in users of this drug also contribute to such bad behavior because they view behaviors like that as acceptable while using the drug.

Once you are addicted to marijuana, it usually isn’t to long before you start abusing other drugs. In most cases, pot smokers start to experiment with other illicit drugs much like they did when they began using weed. They are looking for a new high because they are not getting the same feeling after using pot for such a long time. This experimentation can lead to dependency on other drugs like methamphetamine, heroin, and alcohol. The abuse of other drugs, in conjunction with pot, is a deadly prescription for your body.

People who are addicted to marijuana are very likely to engage in unsafe or unprotected sex. Since using pot affects a person judgment and perception it is very easy for them to make poor choices regarding sex. Many users of weed are using in social or party setting where their are many other factors that lead to unprotected sex. Some users of this drug will engage in this unsafe behavior as a means to get more marijuana to smoke. This is when it is truly an addiction.

As you can see being addicted to marijuana is definitely not harmless. People who engage in this habit are not only hurting themselves, but hurting their friends and family. Occasional use of weed will eventually lead into more frequent and heavier use of this drug. Not only is using this drug going to physically and mentally harm the user but it can have other devastating effects as well. It is also going to cause financial strain due to the cost of the habit and the money lost as a result of a possible job loss because of this terrible addiction.

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