The Rising Trend Of Android App Development

Android is a free and open source operating system which has revolutionized the world of smartphones. Thousands of people from across the globe use mobile devices powered by this unique operating system. Hence, it is of no surprise that Android apps development has become a very lucrative business for many software developers who aspire to make a mark in the world of apps development. However, as many of these individuals are amateurs with little experience in this field they often end up making some mistakes. These mistakes often affect the quality and performance of the applications they develop.

Here are the common Android apps development mistakes that needs to be avoided:

1) Don’t start without planning ahead– some individuals make the wrong assumption that creating apps for the mobile devices is a very easy process and can be completed in a couple of days. They do not plan ahead and often end up creating something that is not of any real value. Hence, it is important that you plan ahead and dedicate ample amount of time to the project, so that you can create something useful.  live net tv

2) Do not start without understanding Android tools – you should familiarize yourself with all the tools available with Android, which will be needed in process of applications development. If you make the mistake of not understanding how the tools work, you will not be able to use them to your advantage. Also, when the tools are not used as required, there will be performance issues with the apps that you create.

3) Don’t avoid asking for help when in doubt– Google operates a strong developer’s community for Android. The members of this community are by and large very friendly and cooperative. If you have any doubt regarding Android apps development, you can contact the community members for help. They will be more than willing to clear your doubts, and answer all your queries or questions. Besides, you can also get useful tips from the members.

4) Don’t avoid going through the developer’s website– Android operates a website which provides all the required information to the aspiring apps developer. The website contains videos, tutorials, guides, suggestions and access to other valuable resources which can be of great help to any individual who wants to create applications for Android smart phones. Hence, do not avoid going through the website before starting your project.


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