The Role of Live Chat Software in Tourism Industry


Travel and Tourism is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange earners among industries, handling millions of people traveling around the globe by various transportation modes possible. It is the industry flooded with players ranging from corporate operating all over the world to a small once handling a single city.

When it comes to tour operators, they not only design various tour packages but they need to bundle travel arrangements too to make their product a complete one. Almost all the operators are now having online representation (website) regardless the size of organization. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The role of live chat software for tour operators

Consider a simple situation in which a traveler is searching the web for his vocation. He will be seeing a load of options on is screen. There can be two kinds of travelers when categorized on budget via, 1. Travelers looking for the best tour package regardless the attached price tag. 2. Looking for a best package within a pre-defined budget range. The important factor here is that one needs to consider various factors when finalizing a tour package.

It is this point at which live chat software can be used by the tour operators with great efficiency.  Talking to human swill have more effect when compared to just looking at the text content. There can be elaborate and pertinent discussions between the traveler and the agent which will make the traveler more confident.

The traveler can be detailed with the various “holiday packages” available with the desired budget. This will save the traveler’s time in searching the numerous options available. It will also be possible for the travel agents to explain about the “package price” and offer instant and “volume discounts “. This will not only convert a mere website visitor in to a potential client, but will also lead to increase on sales significantly.

The representatives will also be able to detail the clients about best “currency conversion” deals and explain the possible accommodation arrangements in various places included in the package as well as the “local transport” arrangements at each destinations.

The travel agents will also be able to instantly answer queries regarding required “travel documents” which is important for any international travel and also about the “VISA processing “regulations involved for the countries to be visited. And the clients can be educated with the importance of “travel insurance cover” and offer the best deal available.


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